Blacklisted Loans

Blacklisted Loans
Easy to apply online blacklisted loans, cannot get a loan any were at blacklisted personal loan we will do our best to assist you our client in getting the help you need. Our services is free we do not charge any fees for applications or processing as you will notice we do not require banking details to do a pre-qualification. Even if we cannot help you with a blacklisted loans we will advise and assist to how you can clear your name and become debt free.

Why do you get blacklisted?

Not paying accounts on time or not paying them at all. Make sure that you always pay your debt on time or before due date.

Blacklisted, have a look at Debt Review

Debt Relief

Given the popularity of online transfer payments and credit card purchases, debt accumulation has become a huge problem. Many individuals make purchases without a detailed financial plan. This can lead to a high debt figure that you may be unable to pay.

In order to have manageable debts it is important to get a debt assessment on a regular basis. The debt review process enables you to re-structure your debt repayments. FinanceWeb can provide debt counselling services.

If you are apprehensive about your debts, we present some of the benefits of debt review to encourage you to contact us to find out how we can assist you.

  1. Restructuring of debt

As the debt accumulates there can be a negative listing given to your expenses. A debt review enables you to make a schedule for the debt payment. The debt counsellor can help you in developing a budget based on your financial needs. The budget is decided after the utility expenses have been taken into account. This helps in allocating a part of your income to pay the debt on a monthly basis. Debt review enables you to set realistic goals for payments as per your future earnings.

  1. Discuss payments with creditors

Debt review helps in negotiating repayments with your creditors. A debt counsellor can help you in getting payment terms that you can easily pay. In the absence of debt counselling, creditors may charge you a higher amount so that they can get a larger payment on your debt.

  1. Prevent legal action

If payments have not been made to creditors at the assigned date then you may face negative consequences. A debt review can be used to prevent these creditors from taking a legal action against you. During this time period, debt counsellors can restructure your debt repayments so that you are able to pay cash to creditors.

  1. Straightforward payments

Debt reviewing process can assist you in simplifying payments to creditors. Under debt review you may make separate payments to creditors as instalments. Debt review is a rehabilitation process and you will be issued with a credit clearance certificate when all of your debt is paid up.

Debt counsellors can help you with re-structuring your debts and helps you to pay a reduced instalment every month to your credit providers. This will ensure that you will have enough money at the end of the month for your daily living expenses.

FinanceWeb offers free, no obligation Debt Review assessments. Let us deal with your creditors. Visit for details.

Personal Loans

Personal Loans

Personal loans up to R 150 000.00 over 60 months, competitive interest rates. Easy application process and we do not charge any fees to get you a loan. Let us help you find a personal loan to suite your needs today. Bad Credit and blacklisted loans also available.

Remember our services are free, we do not charge a fee to process applications. Don’t pay to get a loan.

Qualifying criteria

Need to be permanently employed for more than 3 months

Earn a basic salary of R 3000 +

Be 18 years or older

Have your own bank account (let us know if you dont have your own bank account as we have other options)



Interest rates vary from 14% – 33% dependent on your credit rating.

Once we get your application we do a pre-approval this determines amount, interest, period and installment you qualify for. We will then forward you the quote and you decide from there to take up our offer or not. Once an offer is received the application is 90% through.

We can also consolidate some personal loans or accounts to make you more affordable.

What is a personal loan?

Personal loan is a loan for personal, medical, family, education, vacation or household (extension, repairs, purchase of air conditioner, computer, refrigerator, etc.) use, as opposed to business or commercial use. Unsecured loans are advanced on the basis of the borrower’s credit-history and ability to repay the loan from personal income. Repayment is usually through fixed amount installments over a fixed term.

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loans for Bad credit

Loans for Bad Credit and Blacklisted Loans

100% free service

Unsecured Loans for Bad Credit and Blacklisted loans up to R 150 000.00
Easy online application
Same day approval
Interest rates based on credit profile from 14% – 32%
Repayment periods from 3 – 60 months
Qualifying criteria
Must be 18 years or older
Have a South African green bar coded ID
Earn a basic minimum salary of R 3 000.00 per month
Have your own bank account
Permanently employed for a minimum of 3 months at current employer
Complete our online application form or request a form from us via email
Once application is received your application will be processed and an offer emailed to you with amount, period, installment interest rate you qualify for with requirements to finalize the process, then you can decide to take up or decline the offer.
If all documents required are correct and contract signed application can pay out with in 24hours
APPLY or Request application form
What is blacklisted?
Blacklisted is a term used for individuals who are recognized as a credit risk. Due too late or non-payments on accounts or not paying the full instalment due every month. There is not an actual blacklist, this is just a term used to declare that one is unable to qualify for credit due to negative listing. This is where we come in we can still get you a loans for blacklisted, bad credit loan, blacklisted loans. Remember every time you apply for credit it affects your credit score negatively.

Why Debt Review?

Don’t despair if you feel like your debt is getting out of control, we can help you. The debt review process was created to help South Africans get out of debt. This is a rehabilitation process that can get you back on your feet. Debt Review can assist you to have more money for your living expenses at the end of the month.

What is debt review?

Debt review is a process that is regulated by the National Credit Regulator (NCR) and it involves a registered Debt Counselor acting on behalf of you, the client to help reduce your debt into one monthly reduced affordable repayment. The debt counselor has 60 days to complete the process. The debt counselor will negotiate on behalf of the client with all his credit providers. Once a final proposal with all the reduced monthly payments is sent to all credit providers an attorney is appointed to move an application in court and obtain a court order. A credit clearance certificate will then be issued to the client once all of his debt is fully paid up.

The debt review process

  • The client applies for debt review and pays an application fee of R50 + vat.
  • The debt counselor will do an assessment to determine if the client is over-indebted.
  • If the client is over-indebted a form 16 will be signed
  • Form 17.1 which is a notification to credit providers and credit bureaus that the client has applied for debt review.
  • The NCR will also be notified via the NCR Debt help website.
  • The credit providers will then respond with a certificate of balance reflecting the exact amount and interest rates that the client owes.
  • The client will have to start paying fees, Month 1 will go towards the debt counseling fees and month 2 will be for legal fees.
  • All fees are prescribed by the NCR. DC and Legal fees cannot exceed R6000.00 + Vat
  • The debt counselor will then issue a form 17.2 to all credit providers and credit bureaus to notify whether the client’s debt review application is successful or has been rejected.
  • The debt counselor will then issue a proposal to all credit providers detailing the repayment plan.
  • Credit Providers then have 5 days to respond with consent order or with amendments.
  • An attorney will then be appointed to take over the legal process.
  • A court date will be set and a magistrate will hear the application.
  • A court order will be granted.
  • After all the debt is paid the client will be issued with a credit clearance certificate.

Will you qualify for debt review?

Qualifying criteria is as follows:
  • You must be working and be able to provide pay slips
  • If you are married in community of property, it will have to be a joint application. So you and your spouse will have to go for debt review
  • You must be over-indebted, which simply means that your debt and monthly living expenses is more than your monthly income.

Debt Counseling can help you to get your finances back on track. If you are stuck in the debt trap, we can help you out. Let us help you to live your best life.

Bad Credit Loans

Do you need Blacklisted Loans and Bad Credit Loans?

Yes, you can get a personal loan if you are blacklisted through Blacklisted Personal Loans. Complete our easy online application (link to app page). Once your application is received by one of our friendly agents, it will be processed and you will receive a call or email reply with the outcome of your application. We will then finalize your application for your loan payout. Loans for Blacklisted does not charge their clients any fees to process application. Our service is 100% free.

Services available

Payday loans: Short term loan up to 30 days. Quick access to cash for emergencies that pop up during the month.
Short term loans: Loan period 3 – 6 months up to R 15 000.00.

Long Term Loans: 12 – 60 months up to R 150 000.00. Buying a car, need to pay for kids’ education, or refurnish your home,

Consolidation Loans: 72 months up to R 150 000.00. Consolidate all your debt into one manageable monthly installment.

How can we help you get a bad credit loan?

Blacklisted Personal Loans has contracts with various credit providers specializing in helping clients who have poor credit ratings. All our providers are NCA and NCR registered financial service providers. Apply from the comfort of your home or office, our service is available countrywide and can be done via phone, email, or fax.

Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans

Bad Credit Loans, Loans for Blacklisted, Blacklisted Consolidation Loans up to R 150 000.00

loans for bad credit


We offer unsecured blacklisted loans as well as unsecured personal loans from  R 1 000 – R 150 000 over 60 months country wide no original documentation needed. Please note that we DON’T CHARGE ANY FEES for our services. All our blacklisted personal loan providers are NCA and NCR Registered. Blacklisted Personal Loans can be paid on the same day if all documentation is correct. We will source the best possible blacklisted loan product to suit your needs. We offer the following: short term loans, long term loans and pay day loans.

What is a Blacklisted Personal Loan or Bad Credit Loan?

loans for blacklistedThese are loans designed for clients who have a low credit score or poor credit history and for clients who cannot get a loan through the banks.

Who can’t we help with a loan?

  • Applicants that are currently under administration, sequestration, liquidation or debt review. Applicants that have applied for or who are currently undergoing debt counseling.
  • Temporarily employed applicants.
  • Applicants that cannot afford the monthly installment.

How to apply?

Complete the Application Form to apply or Contact Us for more info

Blacklisted Loans and Bad Credit loans

Blacklisted loansBlacklisted Loans or Bad Credit loans

Looking for blacklisted loans or bad credit loans, we can help complete our online application for a pre approval of up to a R 150 000.00 over 60 months, we do not charge any fees for our services. Same day approval. We also offer bad credit consolidation loans, debt review, End your debt clear all your debt in two years and blacklisted vehicle finance. All service providers are NCA and NCR accredited and interest rates are very competitive. If you are under debt review or admin order click here for more info on how we can help you be debt free in two years legally. When applying for  a blacklisted loan make sure all details on the application form is correct for an accurate pre check.


We offer the following services

Personal loans, bad credit loans, blacklisted loans, consolidation loans, pay day loans, debt review, end your debt, bad credit vehicle finance

Our service are free we do not charge any fees to process application.

Try us today apply now .

Personal loans up to R 150 000.oo over 60 months.


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