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Debt Review 2In June 2007 the National credit act of South Africa came into existence and is now fully enforced amongst all credit providers. Along with the many chances to the credit industry, a life was created for distressed consumers who have been struggling to survive with too many loans, credit card and accounts. Consumers that found it difficult to keep up with car and home installments can now use this service to create a financial breathing space for themselves and family.

Currently close to 60% of the working population struggles financially to survive from month to month. You are not alone.

Not happy with your current debt review/debt counseling company let us know and see how we can help you in restructuring your debt, sure we can help you save more on your monthly debt.

Get out of debt today

We negotiate and decrease your monthly installments to all creditors, thus reducing your monthly expenses by 50%.

We negotiate and decrease interest on each of your accounts to below 11.5%

We stop repossession of goods and avoid your name from being blacklisted

We then present the file to court to legalize the restructure of payments toward creditors so that they cannot Debt Review 1refuse or take legal action.

No upfront fees required to start the process

At the end of the process and when accounts are paid up, a clearance certificate is issued from the National Credit Regulator which means your name and credit score is restored and you start off with a clean slate.

We have already helped thousands to consolidate their debts into one single, affordable monthly payment.

We don’t just offer counseling, but can provide you with practical help and services as well.

We offer from free consultations to informal debt planning and formal debt review.

We make your money go further with our free no obligation personal finance management scheme.

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