Pay Day Loans - Blacklisted or low credit score Welcome

Pay day loans for bad credit up to from R 500 – R 8000.
Up to 30 days repayment.
Same day approval and pay out.

At BLK we assist clients with a poor credit record to get access to pay day loans for blacklisted as we know that it can be difficult to get access to emergency cash when you have been listed on the ITC. Reason why we can help you with a pay day loan when your credit record is poor is that the requirements is not as strict as when you apply for a long term loan. We suggest that you use a pay day loan only for emergencies as they can be costly if taken every month

If you looking for more cash see our long term loans here.

pay day loans


  • Earn a minimum income of R 3000
  • Been employed for 3 months or more
  • Have a bank account in your own name
  • You are 18 years or older


  • Complete our online application form 
  • Once you qualify we will email you the procedure to finalize your application for payment

What is a pay day loan?

Payday loans are short term loans normally 30 days, giving you easy access to cash for emergencies or unexpected expenses. Get in touch with TA Consulting for your payday loans, even blacklisted or bad credit welcome.

Can I apply for a pay day loan if I am blacklisted?

Yes you can most definitely apply for a blacklisted pay day loan.