I acknowledge that I have fully and truthfully answered all requests for information and have disclosed all relevant information to conduct a proper assessment. I the applicant hereby authorize TA Consulting to apply for a loan from a financial institutions on my behalf. I warrant that all the information I supplied is to the best of my knowledge and belief, true and correct and in all material respects and I am not aware of any other information, which should it become known to the Financier, would affect the consideration of my application in any way. I hereby authorize the Financier to have access to my credit bureau records. I hereby authorize TA Consulting to supply me details to their exclusive business partners to enable them to provide me with tailored quotes to suite my circumstances.

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  1. I would be very grateful if you can help me with this loan so I can minimize my debt so I can enjoy my Christmas and new year

  2. I am blacklisted (I think) but need an urgent loan for funeral costs, since we had a death in our family and the person did not have any funeral cover.

  3. I would like to pay off my debt in order to clear and rebuild my credit profile for future financial freedom. I stopped making payments to my debt review agent as they couldn’t assist with debt consolidation. Please assist and advise.

  4. I have a low credit score i would like to pay off old debts to clear my credit profile I’m struggle to get any loans to minimize my finance status
    i would like to apply for an loan if its possible

  5. I urgently need the amount of 40 000 as I would like to sort out my personal accounts I am paying and I would like to make use of the extra funds for a good purpose. I am a volunteer at a primary school and also need funds to travel extra as well as only be paying one financial institution right now I am paying so many accounts and other loan service not for any services rendered to me as I was declined so many times. However each loan institution has this service packages attached one don’t really need and it’s mandatory to take the package even when they decline one. I have about 5 different packages I’m paying monthly which leaves me with nothing to enjoy. Christmas is coming up and because I also pay my godsons educare I really am left with nothing. I would like to pay up all these service packages and cancel them but each one comes with a cancelation fee of up to plus minus R1. 500.

  6. Yes I’m blacklisted but I paid my deads 4 years ago but can do noting to take it away I still pay wht my life can’t do knowing shop credit card can’t get

  7. I own money and are blacklisted want to pay of my account and start over clean. Will u be able to help me with a loan to start over?

  8. I have a low credit score i would like to pay off old debts to clear my credit profile I’m struggle to get any loans to minimize my finance status.

  9. Good Day,
    I would greatly appreciate a loan to settle my car’s balloon payment as I am under debt review,

    Thank you

  10. I would like vehicle finance motor bike im under administration and cant even get a bank acc my salary gets paid into my fiance acc i earn enough money and have a permanent job pls help

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